GL Consolidations

G/L Consolidations lets you transfer and merge General Ledger account and transaction information between separate company and branch office locations. It is also designed to enable subsidiaries and holding companies to run without being on the same network or accounting database. G/L Consolidations provides a feature set that allows your company to define the level of detail to consolidate and provides a comprehensive audit trail. The system is available in two versions: a full version for the head office and a remote-sites version for branch offices.

G/L Consolidations Capabilities

  • Consolidate multiple general ledgers by transactions, net period changes, or account balances.
  • Consolidate general ledgers with differing fiscal years and fiscal periods, and with different account structures by using a mapping table.
  • Include budgets for a range of years in the consolidated company.
  • Maintain a separate general ledger for your consolidated ledgers or consolidate with the head office or central general ledger.
  • Consolidate all accounts or a partial set of accounts using the automatic balancing account (exclude entries from the consolidation if needed).
  • Merge multiple accounts in subsidiaries into single holding company accounts.
  • Specify a description for account balances or net change transactions.
  • Maintain a detailed audit trail of all consolidation activities.
  • Transfer transactions originating in a holding company back to subsidiaries to centrally maintain payroll or fixed assets.
  • Automatically perform currency translation with the provision of gain or loss on translation.
  • Consolidate multicurrency and single currency accounts, and general ledgers with differing functional currencies.
  • Translate amounts from functional currency or source currency in the originating ledger, and specify the translation rate type.

Standard Reports

  • Export Audit
  • Export Setup
  • Import Audit
  • Import Unit Maintenance
  • Mapping Table